StarCode is a Point of Sale solution integrated with complete inventory management. POS application updates the inventory in real time. StarCode is available in four different variants. It can run on Windows PC, laptop, Windows tablets, and mobile Android tablets.

StarCode Express Solution

  • Fast, powerful, easy to install and use express solution.
  • StarCode Express solution is best suited for small or large businesses where you do not want to maintain a central database server, but want to keep separate copy of database on each device or terminal.
  • No additional databases or servers required, and immediately ready to use after installation. It is a standalone application, and does not require any additional installations.
  • The databases created by the application can be shared via dropbox, USB, Google Drive, or copied directly to mobile or other PC's and opened by compatible versions of StarCode running on those devices.
  • Available in Express and Express Plus editions for Android and Windows.
Express Solution

StarCode Network Solution

  • Based on freely available MySql Server. No additional costs for database server.
  • StarCode Network solution is best suited for small or large businesses where you want to maintain a central database server. All the terminals or clients can connect to same database. It updates the inventory in real time and all the connected terminals get realtime inventory and sales information.
  • Network edition requires MySql server, which can be installed on the same PC, dedicated separate server, or even in the cloud environment.
  • MySql server hosted in the cloud enables you to access from anywhere and whenever you want from your PC, laptop, or even mobile tablets.
  • Available in Network and Network Plus editions for Android and Windows.
Express Solution

MySql, StarCode Network Installation & Configuration Guide in PDF

MySql, StarCode Installation & Configuration Guide Online

After MySql server installation, you can connect Windows and Android versions to the same MySql server.

Please contact by email for any technical support enquiries on, or through the Contact Form..

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StarCode 25.13.0 Downloads

Download StarCode Express Windows
Download StarCode Express Plus Windows
Download StarCode Network Windows
Download StarCode Network Plus Windows
Download MySql Srever 32-bit
Download Android Apps Play Store

The latest version of StarCode is 25.13.0. StarCode Latest Release Notes

Following section provides feature comparison of Express and Network editions. Android versions are available on Google Play as well. You can download and install demo versions, which can be upgraded to full versions on entering license key.

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Licenses Discount Express
per license price
per license price
Express Plus
per license price
Network Plus
per license price
1 License 0% OFF $39.99 $39.99 $79.99 $79.99
2 to 3 Licenses 25% OFF $29.99 $29.99 $59.99 $59.99
4 or more Licenses 35% OFF $25.99 $25.99 $51.99 $51.99

These are one-off payments and there will be no recurring charges. One license is valid for one computer or device, and there is no time limitation on the validity of license. You can install, run, re-install on the same computer with the same lincense without any time limitation. Volume discounts, if applicable, are shown on the relevant purchase pages. Please get in touch on, or through the Contact Form. with your company or business name.

StarCode Consulting and Advisory Services

We do have a team of experts in StarCode configuration, setup, training and support. Although StarCode has been designed keeping in view the comfort and ease of end customer, but you might be busy and want to focus on your core business, while we can take care of porting all of your inventory and product data to StarCode. We can configure MySql server for Network editions and provide training as well. Please get in touch on, or through the Contact Form. with your detailed requirements and the level of support or training you are looking for.