IDLocker Password Management

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  • Army Strength Encryption

    Army strength encryption algorithm based on AES encryption. AES is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  • Easy Sharing

    All of your data resides locally on your device or computer, but portable. Backup, Restore, and Share between Windows and Android

  • Login Assistant

    Serves as a login assistant. Launch the website from within the Locker, and your password is copied to clipboard. Set individual passwords for Locker or link them with Master Password.

IDLocker Secret Notes Management

  • Secret Notes

    It can be used as secret diary, or for keeping bank cards information in a secure place. Create custom locker for your personal and professional use, or share with family members.

  • Secure Bank Cards

    You can also create financial type locker, where you can keep your PIN numbers and other passwords in a safe place

  • Password Generator

    Password generator for generating random and very strong passwords.

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